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Ankle Brace
The ankle is the most frequently injured joint in sports. The most frequently seen sprain occurs when weight is applied to a foot which is on an uneven surface, and the foot "rolls in". This is called inversion sprain. To see the information of ankle injuries and other sport injuries for the cause, treatment & prevation, please click Ankle Sprain.

Knit Ankle Sleeve
Product No: AN-S-14
Size : S,M,L,XL


* Made by four way stretchable, breathable cotton or nylon tublar knit material.
* Latex free elastic bandage material keep compression on injured ankle.
* Breathable material provide Compression & Stabilization.
* Suitable for all sports including volleyball, soccer, basketball, and football.
* Gives solid, firm support to the upper and lower extremities of the ankle.
* Provide sprained ankle treatment and stabilize other ankle injuries.
* Can be used togher with magnetic therapy pad or cold-hot gel pack.

Color :

Material Option: : Neoprene, PU Foam, Elastic Band, Spacer Fabric
Elastic 1

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