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New Products

Irufa Industrial Group is continuously developing the new material,new design, and new products. The following are the new products.

OK-Spacer Brace  
KN-SF--16 KN-SF--18 KN-SF-20 KN-SF-42 KN-SF-52
KN-SF-61 KN-SF-62 AN-SF-12 AN-SF-15 Shoulder-SF-13
WR-SF-11A WR-SF-12 WR-SF-13 TB-SF-31 TEN-SF-12
EL-SF-13 SH-SF-12      
Spacer Mesh Braces  
KN-SF-11 KN-SF-11B KN-SF-12 KN-SF-13 KN-SF-13-2
KN-SF--15 KN-SF-21B KN-SF-22 EL-SF-11 EL-SF-12
EL-SF-16 TEN-SF-11 AN-SF-11 AN-SF-13 AN-SF-13-2
AN-SF-17 SH-SF-11 WR-SF-11
Anti-Pilling Bandage Brace