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Irufa Industrial group is dedicated in studying the sport medician support to prevent the sport injury or the supports during the patient care. A recent study by Stats Canada revealed the following shocking information. It gives us more incentive in studying the support to prevent sport injuries.

* sport injury is the leading cause of disability and death in the age group 9 to 24,recently surpassing motor vehicle accidents.
* 42% of all injuries across all ages is related to sport.
* Canadians suffer more than 1.2 million sport injuries per year.
* Sport injury leads to 8.7 million activity loss days each year.
* 25% of all hospital emergency visits are prompted by sport.

The following are our braces products line.Please click the following photo for more detail information.

The followings are the brief information for some common sport injury. It may be able to help you to avoid these sport injuries. You can click the following sport injury to know the detail and treatment.

Sport medician supports of Irufa Industrial Group have the following function to avoid the sport injury.

* Warming up body - similar function like warming up exercise.
* Provide compression & stabilization- prevent sport injury, reduce swelling and prevent stiffness.
* Absorb impact & pressure against abrasion.
* Functional supports can offer cold or hot therapy
* Functional support can relieve pain and stiffness.
*Functional supports have medical therapy effect.

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