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About US

Irufa Industrial Group, a manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan, has been estibashed in the year of 1997. From the sporting supporter, magnetic therapy product, cold hot therapy products, to minus ion therapy products, we are step by step to increase our product lines and create more function into our products. Innovation keeps Irufa group continuously growing with our customers. By challenging our ablity, we are continuously searching the new material or new function. From Anti-microbial &House dust mites fabric treatment, far infaraed ray , negative ion, to Nano technology Photo catalysis , we are doing our best to catch or create the trend. New material, New design and new manufacturering methods are always studying in our R & D department.The followings are our main product lines.

1. Sporting & Medical supports.
2. Full Line magnetic therapy products.
3. Full line far Infrared Ray Therapy products.
4. Cold Hot therapy Products
5. Minus Ion therapy products.
6. Exercise Pant and neoprene accessories.

Hopefully we can serve your companies in the near coming future.

Quality Control

ISO 9001, FDA, CE