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Wrist Sprains

.A wrist sprain is prain is an injury to a wrist ligament. Ligaments are strong bands of connective tissue that connect one bone to another.. There are many ligaments in the wrist that can be stretched or torn, resulting in a sprain. This occurs when the wrist is bent forcefully, such as in a fall onto an outstretched hand.

Wrist sprains are most often caused by a fall onto an outstretched hand. This might happen during everyday activities, but frequently occurs during sports and outdoor recreation.


* Swelling in the wrist
* Pain at the time of the injury
* Persistent pain when you move your wrist
* Bruising or discoloration of the skin around the wrist
* Tenderness at the injury site
* A feeling of popping or tearing inside the wrist
* A warm or feverish feeling to the skin around the wrist.

Treatment & Prevation

Mild wrist sprains can usually be treated at home with the RICE protocol.

R Rest the joint for at least 48 hours.
I Ice the injury to reduce swelling. Do not apply ice directly to the skin. Use IRUFA Gel wrap for cold treatment 20 minutes at a time.
C Compress the swelling with an elastic bandage.
E Elevate the injury above the level of the heart.


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