Magnetic Therapy


What is Magnetic Therapy


From 1954, Linus Pauling was awarded the Nobel prizes for his work on the magnetic properties

of homoglobin in the body. Peoples are more interest in studying how to use magnet to increase people health. The follwoings are the main function of magnet.

1. Improve Blood circulation

2. Heighten blood oxygen Level

3. Enhance metabolism and blood circulation.

4. Relieve muscular pain and stiffness

5. Facilitate body's own healing power.



Pain relief is the most common use of magnetic therapy In USA. Magnets increase the capillary blood flow which may help flush lactic acid and other inflammatory agents that build up tissue to ease pain and inflammation. The blood supply also carries oxygen which may be helpful in relaxing muscles and relieving cramps and spasms which are oxygen starved. This is the same reason massage is often used to loosen muscles in spasm; to allow block to flow and deliver oxygen necessary to terminate the spasm.


Magnetic Field deficiency Syndrome

In the late 1950's , magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome was identified in Japan . It is Characterized by symptoms such as lack of energy, Insomnia, Generalized aches & pain, upper back & neck Stiffness, Frequent headaches, dizziness, constipation, etc. These symptoms seem to closely correlate with north American version- "chronic fatigues syndrome".

None Needle Acupuncture

The Ancient Chinese used sharp stone to stimulate the human body. It is the begining of acupuncture theory. Acupuncture points can be stimulate by electric current, stone, finger, rice or other small hard pieces. It is also have the therapy effect. In Japan , China and Taiwan , we can find many massage books or electric massage which is using finger press or electric current to stimulate acupuncture point for the therapy effect. Now magnetic therapy is using magnetic penetration strength to stimulate the acupuncture points to have the similar effect of acupuncture. It is painless, safe and use easy. Besides, it is not limited on pain relieve but also other diease. The Chinese acupuncture theory combined with American magnetic therapy should be have more therapy effect.


The Far Infrared Ray function with Magnetic therapy

There are two main Tools in Chinese acupuncture therapy. The one is using need and the others is using heat treatment which is burning the dry weed. We can use the magnet strength to replace the needle. Regarding the heat treatment, we can use Far Infrared ray to emit the invisible ray for the heat treatment. Thus, Far infrared ray may come with magnetic therapy for better effect.


Caution :

The following condictions are forbidden to use magnetic healthcare products.

1.The heart-diseaser who use heart adjuster

2.Persons who use high volatge machineries or working with high voltage cable.

3.During electronic facilities usage for clinical examination or X-ray treatment.

4. People who have allergic to metals.

5. Children with ages under 7 years old.


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