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Taiwan Patent NO : M 269880. USA Patent Application No: 11-107747 China Patent No: 200520017805.3
C&A cold hot gel wraps combine cold therapy, hot therapy and compression therapy in a single product to reduce swelling and pain.

Cold Hot Gel Wraps
Beverage Wraps
Cold Hot Bags

Far Infrared Ray Function optional

Minus Ion Function Optional

Magnetic function Optional


Feature :
* All in one design, No more gel pack insert !
* Heat retaining layer design for using longer time
* Inner liner design to protects from skin frostbite or burn.
* Convenient designs to fit body !
* Can be used for both Cold & hot therapy
* Non-toxic Gel and stay soft in -20 degree C.
* Reusable, Microveable.

Hot Cold Arch Wrap-Universal
Product NO: UNI-01-CH
Universal Cold/Hot Wraps
Size: one size fit all
* Cold therapy help reduce swelling and prevent stiffness after injury.
*Hot therapy can increase blood flow. Arch part have a lot of import acupuncture points. When apply in hot therapy, it will be good for the health.
*Can be used for the wrist, tennis elbow, ankle, can wrap, bottle, wrap,


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